Welcome To Halo’s New Online Interface

Nov 10, 2016

Welcome To Halo’s New Online Interface

After months of planning, we are excited to share our new website with you. Browse products, projects, services and news with ease. The new site features search filters including brands, interior, exterior, and commercial spaces, allowing you to see specific products that were used on projects and features news topics specific to all areas of lighting.

Here we have fetaured a short list of architectural lighting solutions specific to commercial environments. Scroll through to see new releases. We look forward to hearing your feedback on the new site.

Halo Lineal

– Designed by Martin Azua for VIBIA and seen here at ‘La Haya’ by Architect, Sevil Peach

As Sevil Peach explains: “The challenge was to blend into a contemporary work environment suitable for the spaces identity, to transform this amazing building into a new business destination, whilst respecting the character and listed aspects of the building.”

Cascading light suspended in open space, HALO LINEAL is one part of a modular series designed by Azua for Vibia. Focused on creating unique shapes in various compositions, the LINEAL series is available in linear or circular form. Create singular or multiple configurations in small or grand spaces to achieve a sculptural elegance with light.  

Link XXl

– Designed by Ramon Esteve for Vibia

The LINK XXL collection consists of four surface mounted rectangular block lights that are different sizes and heights, allowing users to create bespoke silhouettes and volumes on the ceiling as required. Each potential composition of the LINK XXL ceiling light collection simply requires a single electrical point which makes it a highly versatile fitting that is appropriate for a variety of interior environments. LINK XXL is dimmable and is available in matte lacquered white and matte lacquered graphite.

Bond Series

– Designed LEDS-C4

Developed to cater for the commercial lighting design industry, BOND SERIES utilizes technical LED capabilities mixed with concise product engineering to create a track and spot lighting system with 320 degree rotation. This lighting series is available in various sizes and with various capabilities including a model with up to CRI 90. 

Mach Led Series

– Designed by LEDS-C4

The MACH system is a technically efficient track and spot light series that offers high lumen packages with a 320 degree rotation. Housed in a sleek and modern design, models are available in a range of sizes offering up to 90 CRI.

TZ-T Led

– Designed by Schmitz Leuchten

Achieve architectural spaces that provide seamless illumination with TZ-T LED. These frameless, high strength, recessed ceiling lights are designed specifically for integration into plasterboard surfaces. Create square or circular panels that become one with surfaces. 

Dave Pro

– Designed by iLED for Linea Light Group

A leader in technology and flexibility, DAVE PRO is a highly engineered downlight with 360 degrees rotation.  An elegant and modern design is fit with high performing, top-quality ArrayLED to provide clear light output free from shadowing. Two optics are interchangeable and can be ordered separately. Available in black and white, DAVE PRO emits light with up to 95 CRI. 

Bob 18

– Designed by iLED for Linea Light

Minimal design and technical engineering are paired to create BOB 18, a primary candidate for illuminating commercial exteriors. The two sizes allow customized levels of light, whilst maintaining the design consistency of an architectural landscape. The exterior casing widens toward the light source and provides 360 degrees of light to illuminate squares and open spaces. Each unit is made with 316 stainless stell and anti-vandal screws. BOB 18 has IK09 and IP66 ratings, and at maximum efficiency provides up to 2832lm. 

Light distribution for BOB 18 designed by iLED for Linea Light

Steel Walk

– Designed by iLED for Linea Light Group

STEEL WALK is a drivable stainless steel bar that houses many different LED optics and RGB light finishes, including wall washing effects. Controllable with DMX protocol, STEEL WALK is fit with IP68 push-fit connectors and has an overall IK09 and IP67 rating.