UV-C Smart Blaster

Nov 30, 2021

International research has proven that Ultra Violet light between 250-270nm (UVC) has the germicidal properties to effectively inactivate the COVID virus and all its variants so that the virus can no longer replicate and infect us.

UV-C lighting can be used to disinfect spaces by lighting a space for a predetermined exposure time.

Traditional UV-C fixtures are bulky and industrial looking. The new UV-C Smart Blaster is very compact, shaped like a small downlight for easy and unobtrusive integration in the ceiling, ideal for public, corporate, hospitality and commercial environments.

The UV-C Smart Blaster is an architecturally designed and energy efficient fixture utilising LED technology to generate UV-C energy for disinfection at the optimal 254nm wavelength.

The UV-C Smart Blaster has many in built safety features:

  • Absence detection to allow for safe activation of the UV-C light.
  • Blue indicator (SafeLightTM) to visualise the light in operation (as UV-C is invisible).
  • Closed Bluetooth encrypted network with offline user management to assure unauthorised or unintended usage is not possible.
  • A unique app for control monitoring and alerts provides easy usage.

The UV-C Smart Blaster comes in a range of options to cater for various sized spaces, including semi recessed or surface mounted options making it ideal for many public interior applications.

The UV-C Smart Blaster support team provides all the necessary design and system integration services to ensure the most economical, efficient and secure installation.

Performance is verified and certified on completion of installation on site using a unique visual testing kit.

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