The Pendant Lighting Feature

Oct 3, 2017

PHENOMENA designed by Dechem Studio for BOMMA

Focused on delivering the latest in design-oriented lighting solutions we present a list of newly released suspension lighting solutions for commercial and residential interiors. Stylistically we see these hanging lamps suitable for versatile mixed-use spaces, hospitality and foyer settings, offices and the home. Create a soothing ambience or drive optimized working environments that create the appropriate dynamic space.



– Designed by Dechem Studio for BOMMA

Inspired by geometry, PHENOMENA are a carefully designed collection of suspended luminaires designed by Dechem Studio for BOMMA. Referencing Plato’s philosophy whereby phenomena is a fleeting illusion or shadow of known form, this collection presents geometric shapes in delicately blown glass for soothing ambient light. Detail-oriented, the design is complete with a careful selection of materials that include blown crystal glass with a gradient of tinted shadow that is finished in either gold or silver polished stainless steel. Available with energy saving energy efficient LED technology.


– Designed by KARPA® for CLIMAR

Characterised by an organic design, with a point of difference, FLOWIN is imposing and bold with the ability to differentiate the space in which it is placed. This grand polished brass form invites an automatic sense of understated luxury whilst still appealing to a contemporary aesthetic. The fibreglass lampshade is illuminated with LED driven vintage lamps for a more modern appeal.


– Designed by Josep Patsi for LEDSC4

HELLO has a recognizable wave-like circular form that is inspired by harmony and exudes elegance. Grand in scale, these stylized suspension luminaires emit a soothing ambient glow for mood lighting interior spaces. Available in two sizes, the largest being D1000cm, HELLO is dimmable and available in different colour temperatures that utilize LED technology.


Deck Led

– Designed by CLIMAR

Technically engineered for high performance spaces like commercial interiors and offices, DECK is an energy efficient suspension task light that has DALI capabilities. Offering direct luminous flux distribution within an aluminum housing and finished with a clear acrylic diffuser, DECK LED offers 121lm/watt and has an IP64 rating.


– Designed by MATCH designed by Jordi Vilardell & Meritxell Vidal for Vibia

A designer’s dream, MATCH is more than a lamp, but rather a concept in lighting where Vibia include users in the creative process by offering a modular light fitting that can be seamlessly integrated within the architectural design. Constructed from slim metal rods finished in matte lacquered white or graphite, each unit is equipped with LED light terminals that are diffused by glass. Endless configurations allow users to co-create a design that is unique to their space.

Halo Circular

– Designed by Martin Azua for VIBIA

This suspended series of illuminated circular bands created by Azua, personifies the fusion of light and matter through the ingenious and invisible use of technology. Driven by energy saving LED technology, this collection allows various bands of light to be linked and integrated within one modular lighting system. The lighting effects can be controlled by a dimmer and the large scale of this system can be adopted for private or public spaces.


– Designed by Josep Patsi for LEDSC4

Minimal and chic, CLEAR drop pendant lights have a slender and timeless form that are perfect for creating targeted pools of light over counters, reception areas or creating a focal point in a retail environment. Made from steel they are available in black, copper or white and have a polycarbonate diffuser for glare-free illumination. Available with energy saving fluorescent or LED technology.