Sii Light Welcomes Carandini | New Light In Focus

Mar 9, 2021

Sii Light Welcomes Carandini | New Light In Focus

With 2021 well under way, we want to take a moment to introduce new product releases from LEDS C4, and welcome the addition of commercial and technical lighting brand CARANDINI. Scroll down to view the latest releases for architectural lighting solutions by LEDSC4 and lighting news from FILIX.

Image credit: Carandini, City Park Valencia, Product: Tango Luminaires


Welcome Carandini

100 Years of Light


For more than 100 years, Carandini has been offering solutions to light public thoroughfares, industrial and sports facilities, infrastructure and the main fixtures forming the backdrop to urban life.

In the field of outdoor lighting, Carandini has successfully lit avenues, squares, streets, monuments and places of worship, always meeting the strictest lighting requirements.

CARANDINI Urbalite Series



– designed by CARANDINI

The C-Line luminaire by Carandini is designed to provide quality lighting to a wide variety of street lighting applications in environments where aesthetic appearance must be taken care of. The conical design adapts perfectly to urban environments such as parks, promenades, pedestrian streets or squares.

It uses the latest generation of LEDs for high performance and efficiency offering a solution that addresses the importance of optical performance and energy efficiency.

• Lumen packages from 1,000 lm to 8,000 lm

.• High Performance versions, for better visual comfort and performance of the luminaire

.• Color temperature available: Amber, 2200K, 2700K, 3000K and 4000K (70 CRI).

• IP65 AND IK10


Leds C4 2021 News

– Architectural Lighting Collection

LEDS C4 strengthens its commitment to design and connectivity with the new 2021 collection, releasing a wide variety of modular, versatile and smart compatible lighting solutions.

The new Architectural collection by LEDS C4 continues its commitment to technology, with over 50% of the portfolio in Smart and Smart Compatible connectivity solutions focused on Human Centric Lighting. By, respecting natural light cycles and making changes to artificial light as natural as possible, while also adding an energy-saving component.

In the short linked video LEDS C4 presents a wide variety of  solutions, including MEX and TAGLIO OPTICS, along with the CUBE PRO below. 


LEDS C4 – News 2021 – Taglio Optics

LEDS C4 NEWS 2021 →


– CUBE PRO designed by LEDS C4

Cube Pro is a collection of high-performance cubic spotlights with a compact, timeless design. Their stylish, minimalist form and body, can be easily manoeuvred to direct the light’s beam where required, making this luminaire suitable for any kind of project.

The collection has four sizes and different lenses, powers and colour temperatures (including RGB White DMX). They can be installed on the floor, wall or ceiling and the intensity can be regulated for all sizes.

Cube Pro comes with 4 aperture options, from ultraspot (4º) to Flood (61º), which can be chosen according to the project’s needs,  in RGB DMX version, allowing freedom in choice of colour and total control over the intensity of the light beam.

Cube Pro is internally fitted with the Casambi control device, which allows brightness and colour to be managed exactly using time schedules or through real-time interactions.

The outer aluminium casing is treated against rust prior to painting to maximise the life of the product and its installation in wet environments, making it sea side suitable. The double casing also guarantees better heat dissipation. 

Filix Lighting

– Welcomes Martin Valentine FSLL MIES


Martin Valentine FSLL MIES has joined FILIX lighting as the Managing Director of their new UK office and as Global Lighting Solutions Specialist to boost business development globally and support specifiers of the Filix Lighting product.

He has arrived at FILIX with 35 years of experience in the lighting industry and with an in-depth knowledge of lighting design, business and product development, having previously worked for organisations such as AECOM, Abu Dhabi Municipality and Ligman. His experience and knowledge across the industry will bring Filix Lighting a much-needed boost to continue growth and contribute to the lighting industry.