New Release | Working With Downlights

Jul 31, 2017

DOME designed by LEDSC4

Downlights are the most commonly used solution in architectural spaces, and here we focus on a new series that offer variations between soothing ambient light and high quality general illumination for mixed use spaces.

As the name suggests, this dome shaped recessed downlight offers the aesthetic of a colour painted interior to add contrast or uniformity within the architectural surface when installed. Available in matte painted gold, black or white, DOME is easy to install and has an IP23 rating.



– Designed by LEDSC4

SIA can be identified as a soothing LED downlight offering a wide flood of ambient light. Available in either a circular or square fascia, each model offers 2700K, 3000K or 4000K light temperatures, is dimmable and offers up to CRI90. SIA comes in various sizes, and is available in black or white with a matte aluminium body. SIA runs an estimated 50000h lifetime and has an IP54 rating.



– Designed by LEDSC4

GES is the new plaster series released by LEDSC4 that offers pre-cast matte luminaires that are designed to seamlessly blend within their environment. GES is paintable, which allows continuous colour integration within the space. Downlights are available with circular or square fascias and each model has an IP23 rating.


Play Deco Series

– Designed by LEDS-C4

Highly adaptable and a favourite amongst architects and designers, the PLAY DECO SERIES is a neat, energy efficient LED downlight series that offers various interchangeable components that allow users variation in colour, light temperature, beam angle, colour rendition, frame and diffuser. Matte black, white or gold frames are available in either circular or square fascias and models range from CRI80-CRI93, whilst offering up to 102 lumens per watt.


Astra Trimless 150 Led

– Designed by CLIMAR

ASTRA TRIMLESS is a recessed luminaire for ceiling integration with minimal visual impact in plasterboard ceilings. Engineered to optimize energy saving LED technology, ASTRA is available in a variety of sizes and colour temperatures and is housed in aluminium with a frosted polycarbonate diffuser combining high light transmission with comfortability. ASTRA offers more than CRI80 and an IP23 rating.



– Designed by X. Claramut and M. de Mas for VIBIA

The STAGE ceiling light series was specifically designed as a sleek accent light suitable for circulation zones and dressing areas. Available in different sizes and finishes that include, matte lacquered white and graphite, STAGE can be surface mounted or recessed making this series easily adaptable to any interior design project.