New Release Lighting Ideas And Trends

Mar 22, 2017

The LEDS-C4 2017 catalogue is live and we are excited to see a number of new additions to the existing collection.

TAGLIO DI LUCE and INFINITE are carefully engineered linear lighting systems that will integrate seamlessly into a variety of commercial and residential interior spaces, working with surrounding environments to illuminate and create customised lighting solutions. LUNO, EXIT and DEEP are also expertly crafted and designed for enahncing minimalist lighting design within an architectural framework.

Vibia’s earergly anticipated CURTAIN collection is now officially available and we feature new product releases by Portrugese lighting design house Climar.


Taglio Di Luce

– Designed by Leds-C4

Create lines of seamless light throughout with TAGLIO DI LUCE. The LEDS-C4 2017 catalogue is now live and we are excited to see a number of new additions to the existing collection. TAGLIO DI LUCE is a carefully engineered series that includes connectable lengths of light by means of ‘L’, ‘X’, ‘T’ and ‘I’ connectors that allow lines of light to run in any direction within a space. Driven by energy efficient LED technology, each model is available with or without trim and with a variety of LED light outputs to suit commercial or residential spaces.


Luno Surface and Exit

– Designed by LEDS-C4


LUNO is a newly released collection of recessed, surface mounted and suspension luminaires for general illumination. Suitable for a range of interior residential or commercial spaces, LUNO is available in various sizes up to D1200cm and utilizes energy efficient Samsung LED technology.

Contemporary and minimal in design, EXIT is a series of surface mounted luminaires suitable for residential, commercial, hospitality and retail sectors. Each model is constructed from highly durable aluminum that houses the powerful LED behind a glass diffuser. EXIT is available in black or white.

Deep Led

– Designed by LEDS-C4

This highly flexible LED strip light is designed with commercial applications in mind. Achieve continuous light outdoors with this dimmable lumianire that has the ability to emit a 120 degree beam of light. DEEP has an IP67 rating and pure aluminim body.

Infinite Led

– Designed by Leds-C4

Achieve continuous lines of light with the updated INFINITE series. Surface mounted, suspended and recessed LED or fluorescent luminaires can be joined to create customized lengths that achieve long lines of light. INFINITE provides 143lm per watt and is dimmable. Available in grey or white, with options for specific colourways on request.


– Designed by Arik Levy for Vibia

We are excited to announce that the CURTAIN series is officially available for order. This unique series of adjustable suspension lights double as room partitions. Using diffused light and sheer woven texture, CURTAIN allows spatial separation and intimacy between environments. Driven by LED technology, up and down, up or downward illumination can alter the ambience within each application.

Trace Led

– Designed by Climar

This super slim surface mounted wall luminaire adds luminance and shape to architectural spaces. Long lines are elegant and considered, emitting ambient indirect light with a minimalist touch. Trace is available in energy efficient LED or fluorescent technology.

Indi Led

– Designed by Climar

Designed specifically for commercial application, INDI is a technically engineered LED luminaire suitable for work or recreational environments. Comfortable indirect light is available in either warm white or neutral white colour options. The use of LED technology allows for an instant start with the ability to reach maximum light output instantaneously. INDI LED provides the benefits of low energy consumption, long operating life and reduced maintenance costs. The double concavity of the structure allows an excellent ratio between luminous efficiency and low-glare indirect illumination. Installation by adjustable spring latches enables easy adjustability for different ceiling thicknesses.


– Designed by X. Claramunt & M. de Mas design for Vibia

The PLUS collection draws inspiration from natural light sources such as skylights and windows to generate ambient general illumination. A comprehensive collection, PLUS includes various sizes that feature both symmetric and asymmetric options. Dimmable and ideal for use in a wide range of interior spaces, the larger modules measure 80 and 120cm (surface mounted only). Available in matte lacquered white which can be painted to suit surrounding décor post installation.