Lighting 101: Lighting Design

Oct 7, 2022

In keeping with our introduction to lighting series, we will be discussing the all-important question of when to engage a lighting specialist in your building or renovation plans and why. If you consider how important the role of lighting is to how you use and perceive your space, then it will come as no surprise that it must be taken into consideration early in the planning process. We recommend discussing your plans with a lighting specialist as soon as possible after a decision to build or renovate has been made.

Lighting can add drama, focus and quiet reflection to areas of your house, lighting can illuminate task areas and provide ambiance in other areas, and as such a one size fits all design layout is almost never the best option. Most basic lighting plans implement an even spread of lighting throughout all areas with the installation of a grid of low-cost downlights, the resultant effect is commonly described as a swiss cheese ceiling. The design effect is that no areas of your architecture or design have the ability to stand out and your ceiling is forever marred if you wish to change the design at a later stage.

We would recommend that rather than creating an even wash of light with no accents or contrasting areas of darkness, light in your space is layered to create points of focus and interest, to illuminate specific tasks and to create ambiance in your space. This is achieved by minimising the use of downlights, adding up-lighting and led strip lighting to create soft glows to your cabinetry and niches, and washing walls in light. Further to this specific task and accent lighting create the final layer of light in a design, concentrating specifically on how an area is intended to be used giving the lighting plan flexibility that is bespoke to your experience of a space.



Sii LIGHT is here to provide lighting solutions and we invite you to discuss what this means for you with one of our specialists today.

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