Lighten Up Your Bathroom with Innovative Bathroom Lighting

Nov 1, 2017

Designing a new bathroom, or renovating an existing one? Be it in the premises of a restaurant, shopping centre or hotel, bathroom lighting should not be overlooked.

The design, location and function of bathroom lighting, contributes to the look and feel of the space, adding to the ambience of the rest of the property. Australian building codes place primary importance on factors such as energy efficiency and minimum performance compliance must also be considered and discussed with an industry specialist. Discuss further with a Sii LIGHT specialist today.

When it comes to brightening and transforming a bathroom, here are four lighting ideas that can make all the difference.

Wall Lights

Not only serving the purpose of optimizing light in a darker space, modern and minimalistic wall lighting designs can double as a wall feature. Multiple lamps on the wall help to maximize lighting and highlight a person’s entire face; bright and even lighting – particularly on both sides of the bathroom mirror – is key. Downlights create shadows and are best avoided.

Light Tubes

A sleek bathroom vanity is immediately enhanced and transformed into a standout feature with the addition of streamlined tube lighting. Providing soft, comfortable levels of light, it’s worth installing multiple light switches so that the amount of light required can be customized – be it brighter light for primping and pampering, or dimmer lighting to enhance a candlelit bath.

Lamp Sconces

Classic lamp sconces are a simple way to bring the old-style bathroom back, with sleek designs providing a modern take on this wall light. Creating a romantic feeling, lamp sconces with white shades diffuse the illumination, softening the light and reducing glare.

Taking up no floor space, a lamp sconce makes an ideal lighting choice for a smaller bathroom – or for achieving a cleaner, less cluttered look in a larger bathroom. A single wall sconce with two lamps might be all the bathroom needs, often optimizing the light in the space more so than two individual one-lamp sconces.

Colored Lampshades

An easy and inexpensive way to update a bathroom’s space, coloured lampshades add new life and character to a neutral-toned bathroom. Darker shades might catch one’s eye in a showroom, but tend to block the light when placed into the actual context of a bathroom. Lighter shades on the other hand, such as creams and beiges will brighten and open up any bathroom, create the perception of extra space.

Anyone in the process of selecting lighting for a commercial bathroom should view their options in the same way that one would select art for a space, the criteria being whether the lighting works in the room both visually, and in terms of functionality. It’s not enough for bathroom lighting to be selected purely because it’s eye-catching; it needs to work with the room and provide the desired level of light.

The experts at Sii LIGHT can assist you in selecting bathroom lighting for your property that considers design and function, whilst meeting national building codes. Bring your bathroom to life and book an appointment at our showroom today!