Karrinyup Cubby House

Feb 6, 2023

Children live in a world of imagination, and their playgrounds should reflect this creative and whimsical outlook. Karrinyup Cubby House does just that, as a multi-level super play space over 16 metres long. Add in stunning neon strip lighting from Sii LIGHT and you have a fantastically fun and inviting cubby house where kids can play all day and night!

Expert lighting design consultants at the award-winning Electrolight studio were chosen to find an innovative solution for this unique project, selecting Sii LIGHT to provide superior strip lighting in a customisable range of colours that could be programmed and changed at the push of a button.

An innovative lighting solution

Situated in the West Deck of Karrinyup Shopping Centre this extra-special cubby house was part of an exciting $800 million dollar redevelopment, and required an equally breathtaking lighting solution to match. With a brief to create an eye-catching yet high-functioning playspace, global design specialists Electrolight chose to specify the versatile Neon Maxi RGBW LED Strip Lights supplied by the industry experts at Sii LIGHT.

Working closely with both the skilled electrical contractor Everett Smith and the design consultants at Electrolight, Sii LIGHT meticulously tailored each LED run length to suit the electrical characteristics of the LED Strip.

The shadowless and uniform light distribution, superior heat dissipation, and wide range of potential neon colours and lighting controls made the Neon Maxi RGBW LED Strip Light a perfect fit for this project.

Working with energy-efficient LED lighting

Achieving the beautifully aesthetic lighting that children would love was hugely important, but safe and practical lights suitable for little ones to play around were a vital component. LED strip lighting is the ideal solution, providing impressive flexibility of design along with superior energy efficiency with no UV or heat emissions.

Other benefits of LED strip lighting for the Karrinyup Cubby House are a long life span and vast energy savings, making it a wise long-term investment that’s capable of enduring frequent switching with a low voltage operation.

Tailored lighting controls for impressive results

Ensuring each project is fully customised to suit client requirements is crucial for Sii LIGHT. In this case, their lighting controls specialist carefully programmed LED strip lighting to match the designer lighting specifications, utilising the complexities of custom lighting controls to create radiant results.

Customised colour temperatures are a key advantage of reliable LED strip lighting, where tone and light can be tweaked to perfectly compliment a unique outdoor space.

The visually appealing nature of LED lighting is perfect for adding flair and drama to the Karrinyup Cubby House, creating a fun and inviting setting for kids to play and use their imagination.

Superior lighting products and design at Sii LIGHT

Extensive experience illuminating a range of commercial, urban, and residential spaces has cemented Sii LIGHT’s reputation as an innovative and adaptable lighting specialist. Working closely with many of Australia’s leading architects, designers, and electrical engineers, the core aim is to redefine great lighting and bring spaces to life in a three-dimensional way.

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