Happy Holidays | New Light In Focus

Dec 16, 2016

Halo Welcomes Design House Bomma

With new year celebrations nearing, we take a moment to showcase some of the decorative designs in our range that have garnered attention from industry awards to celebrity exhibitions. Here we feature new product releases from existing designers on our roster, plus we welcome the addition of Czech sculptural lighting design house BOMMA.

Sii LIGHT showroom and offices will be closed from Wednesday 21st December and will reopen on Monday 9th January 2017.

We would like to thank all of you for your ongoing interest in Sii LIGHT and we wish you all the best over the festive season.


– Designed by Olgoj Chorchoj for BOMMA

Inspired by the dark characters of Tim Burton, the suspension lamp TIM was originally created to house movie characters at one of Burton’s exhibitions in Prague. After a positive reception at the exhibition, Bomma soon released the TIM lights at Salone del Mobile 2015 and success quickly followed. These carefully crafted luminaires are free-hand blown and weigh up to 30 kilos. Each unit measures up to 750mm, a dimension very few glassmakers in the world can achieve.

The Making of Tim

– Designed by Olgoj Chorchoj for BOMMA



– Designed by Kateřina Handlová for BOMMA

Shibari is commonly known as the art of bondage. Inspired by this japanese art form, Handlova has created an intricate system of suspension lamps that harness lines and loops to create a hidden system of communication between shadow and light. This unique system of harnessed light is available in various configurations including singular units, or clusters of three or five.

The Vibia Philisophy For Composing Space

-An analysis of space and design by Vibia Lighting

VIBIA are known for their passion in co-creating spaces with architects, designers and end users. Their focus on modular customizable systems invites a freedom to integrate light within architectural spaces. In a recent article, Vibia touch on the importance of that first contact within a space to invite an engaged response from those who are within the space. Vibia outline the importance of user/client contemplation when first engaging with a space, then go on to assess the importance of lighting accentuation and the creation of ambience and customization. Read the full article here. 


Algorithm Wins First Prize

– Designed by Toan Nguyen for Vibia

Awarded first prize for excellence in design, Vibia’s Algorithm is a hanging lamp with blown glass diffusers and LED light sources, designed by Toan Nguyen.

‘Algorithm provides a tool kit for creating unique lighting installations for custom projects. ’ – Vibia Lighting

Each of the elements within the composition has been considered: the floating tubular steel structure holding the light, vertical metal rods, blown glass spheres with concentric reliefs and suspended cables. Algorithm is due to launch for sale in 2017.

ALGORITHM designed by Toan Nguyen for Vibia

Flamingo Wins Best of Year Award

– Designed by Antoni Arola for Vibia

For the third consecutive year, Vibia have won the prestigious ‘Best of Year’ Category from Interior Design. FLAMINGO is this year’s winner as a dynamic suspension lamp that is available in various compositions allowing for tailored ambient up and/or down illumination by means of a thermoplastic translucent diffuser that performs like a spot light thanks to its LED light source. Vibia define the Flamingo collection as ‘combining an impacting and poetic aesthetic with functional design and performance’.


– Designed by Josep Patsi for LEDS-C4 GROK

Playing with light and shadow, HELLO is a large circular pendant with a wave like formation. Designed by Josep Patsi, HELLO emits direct and indirect diffused light that is enhanced by its crown like curves to create a magical play on illumination. Suitable for a variety of indoor spaces including lofts, restaurants, reception areas and retail spaces.

Olivio at Expo 2016 Antalya  

– Architecture by ARTI Mımarlık | Mehmet Şenol and Team, lighting design by Niyazi Avci featuring Olivio post lights by Selux and photography by Emre Sahin.

A long standing favourite for lighting exteriors, Selux’s Olivio can be seen at the first world exhibition in Turkey that focuses on nature and green cities. 

Distinctive in design, the Olivio series is a modern, striking, multifunctional urban lighting system, that is available in three different sizes with interchangeable reflectors for street and accent lighting applications.