Bayswater Waves

Mar 7, 2023

The beauty of a heated outdoor pool is being able to exercise at any time of the day or night. Sii LIGHT is proud to have created one such safe and inviting space in the heated outdoor pool at Bayswater Waves, Perth’s premier aquatic centre.

Illuminating a large swimming pool using six pole-mounted lights takes careful planning. Extensive experience creating inspired lighting solutions provided Sii LIGHT with the key insight needed for this unique project, with impressively stylish and functional results.

Creating a superior swimming experienced

Bayswater Waves is a fully equipped aquatic centre. Perth’s only wave pool is joined by an indoor waterslide, 25m indoor pool, hydrotherapy pool, toddler pool, lazy river, and more. This required a superior lighting solution for its immensely popular 50m outdoor pool, giving the experts at Sii LIGHT a real challenge, but one they were keen to take on.  

The Dark Licht 320w Flood Lights proved the ideal choice, providing uniform illumination, appropriate light levels, and exceptional cut off of spill light to thoroughly minimise glare both in and out of the water.

Premium flood lighting with minimal glare

Sii LIGHT was engaged by a skilled electrical contractor to create an exceptional lighting design based on six 15m pole-mounted flood lights. Extensive experience working in a wide range of outdoor settings was applied to find the perfect lighting solution for Bayswater Waves, where safe LED lighting was chosen to provide uniform, glare-free light levels.

Dark Licht is known for specialising in glare-free lighting, making them the ideal international supplier for this premium 50m outdoor swimming pool. The 320w floods were chosen due to even light distribution and uniform efficiency, which combined with the lack of glare significantly improves the swimming experience in terms of visibility, comfort, and safety.

Fully customised quality lighting solutions

Delivering the perfect all-encompassing solution for Bayswater Waves’ outdoor pool was of vital importance to Sii LIGHT, where each of the client’s requirements was met while adhering to schedule and budget.


Close discussion and fruitful dialogue were had with both the client and electrical contractor, outlining the brief in full to determine the time frame and work scope of the project.


Preliminary lighting concepts were supplied, including CAD drawings and the chosen Dark Licht 320w Flood Light products for discussion and clarification.


A comprehensive lighting design concept is provided containing detailed product selection, CAD drawings, quotation, and lighting schedule.


The final brief was approved and signed off on, after which the dedicated Sii LIGHT team got to work transforming the stunning outdoor lanes at Bayswater Waves into an inviting illuminated swimming pool.

Exceptional results from Perth’s lighting specialists

Sii LIGHT is a renowned provider of superior lighting solutions, with an extensive portfolio of successful residential, commercial, urban, and high-end projects. First-rate results need teamwork, and Sii LIGHT is proud to work with many highly respected engineers, designers, and architects to create consistently stunning results.

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