The Architectural Shift Toward Creative Industrial Lighting

Oct 6, 2017

Creative industrial lighting merges contemporary lighting design with a historically rudimentary lighting aesthetic to meet the growing demand for a multi-functional lighting system that is technically engineered and efficient. The Increasing popularity of this style is seeing designers make a shift toward creating lighting that is modular and adjustable to complement and integrate within the architectural space. This type of industrial lighting is increasingly visible in restaurants, retail environments and residential spaces. It offers a sleek and minimal approach that can be seen in both commercial and residential environments.

How to Use Industrial Style at Home

When considering an industrial lighting layout, it is important to understand the purpose of the room or space that you are illuminating, the level of light needed and any areas that need highlighting. By taking a more technical approach to lighting, it is possible to map out your lighting system and how it will interact with the architectural space, furniture and other design elements. Decorative interior lighting will improve the ambience within commercial or residential environments and create an engaging home.

The industrial style works well with functional spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms, where light can be efficiently directed onto work areas and optimised to reduce glare and clutter. It also works well in open living spaces, where a sleek, clean and minimal lighting layout may complement reclaimed materials, wood or metal structures to create a mood for relaxing and entertaining.

Here are some new industrial lighting options currently available at Sii LIGHT.

Industrial Pendant Light

The Grok Alive chandelier is a modular lighting system offers a creative solution for dining areas, stairwells or conversation spaces.  This series is available in chrome finished aluminium steel and methacrylate/glass diffuser.  Available in various sizes, finishes, and light outputs to fit your needs.

Technical Specs

  • Name Grok Alive
  • Brand: LEDS-C4
  • Material: Aluminium steel
  • Lamp: LED
  • Watts: 7–35
  • Lumens: 612–3060

Table Floor Lights

The North floor lamp is elegant, varied, dynamic and very adaptable, bringing light to exactly where it is needed. Several arms protrude from the base, between two and four depending on the model, configured at differing angles to provide a focused lighting effect. North floor lamps are available in different finishes responding to contemporary trends and utilize LED technology.

Technical Specs

  • Name: North
  • Brand: Vibia
  • Material: Matt Graphite/ Blue/ Cream/ White
  • Lamp: LED
  • Watts: 18–36

Industrial Wall Lights

A contemporary alternative to traditional wall lights is the Pin wall light, which provides a direct and focused ambient light.  It is ideal for rooms where you want more comfortable reading conditions. You can have several of these fittings which make up their own stunning light mural.  There are four finishes to choose from and they utilize LED technology.

Technical Specs

  • Name: PIN
  • Brand: Vibia
  • Material:  Matt black/matt cream/matte green/matt white lacquer
  • Lamp: LED
  • Watts: 4.5-9W
  • Volts: 240V

Perth based, Sii LIGHT specialises in providing residential, commercial, industrial and urban lighting solutions. We have thirty years’ experience within this industry, so call us and let our lighting team assist you select the latest industrial lighting solutions for your home. You can also visit our lighting showroom to view a sample of designs.