5 Commercial Lighting Trends That Add Value

Mar 8, 2017

Adding value to a client’s project can mean many things, from creating a healthier, more sustainable environment to saving costs over the long-term. As commercial lighting specialists, Sii LIGHT offer many options that will add value to your projects in 2017. Here are some of the top commercial lighting trends to consider for the year ahead.

LED lighting

LED lighting is likely to remain the most sustainable and cost-efficient lighting on the market for years to come and the technology continues to improve with new designs emerging that further push quality and efficiency.

More smart lighting

The LED revolution has led to an enormous increase in the use of intelligent lighting controls in commercial fit-outs, including photo sensors, occupancy sensors and wireless networks to link them. Look out for new ways to manage the energy consumption of lighting and ways to link it to other energy efficiency applications such as heating and cooling systems, and even security systems.

LED fluorescent tubes

Standard fluorescent tubes can now be replaced with LED linear tubes that save more than 40 per cent on energy consumption and can simply be clicked into existing fittings for an instant retrofit option with no rewiring required. Lighting manufacturer Philips estimates that $US50 billion in electricity costs could be saved through LED replacements of fluorescent tubes in the US alone – equivalent to the energy generated by 210 mid-sized power stations per year.

Outdoor solar lighting

The instance of outdoor commercial solar lighting is expected to rise exponentially as cutting edge photovoltaic, LED and battery storage technologies are integrated into high quality outdoor lighting products that are predicted to make solar lighting extremely cost-effective and more reliable.

The use of lighting to improve health, morale and productivity

Lighting is increasingly being seen as a tool to improve people’s health, morale and productivity. LEDs allow opportunities to simulate the changes through the day of natural daylight. These natural fluctuations have been shown to aid concentration and heighten awareness in people, so a great deal of research is going into ways to create the same positive effects using LED lighting.

Lighting engineers and designers are currently studying ways that LED lighting can be adjusted over the course of the day in schools and offices to promote concentration and enhance productivity. In hospitals and health care centres, they are testing various ways to change lighting colours to calm patients in order to accelerate healing and enhance well-being.

Innovations in LED technology will soon add colour-tuning features as well, allowing users to adjust the colours to suit the demands of different spaces and preferences of the occupants: dim-to-warm for residential interiors and restaurants or white for office environments.

From creating more sustainable projects, to providing long-term energy cost savings, to uplifting the mood of occupants throughout the day, these commercial lighting trends for 2017 will add value to every project you undertake, from corporate environments to hospitality and retail environments and medical and educational projects. You’ll find all the commercial lighting  technologies, products and designs you need in Perth are readily available.