A Beacon of Light from France: CVL Luminaires

Jul 4, 2023

Sii Light is proud to introduce a new addition to its esteemed catalogue – the French lighting brand, CVL Luminaires.

CVL Luminaires is not just a lighting company; it is a legacy. Rooted in the heart of the Loire Valley in France, CVL has been illuminating spaces globally for over half a century. The brand ethos – grounded in the rich French tradition of manufacturing and creative collaborations – has given birth to luminaires that carry an unparalleled blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Sii Light brings CVL’s renowned design philosophy to Australian designers and architects, offering them an opportunity to add unique and individual points of interest to their designs. The selection on display at Sii Light is diverse and tailored to suit a myriad of design sensibilities.

The Nacho fitting, currently on display in the Sii Light showroom has been created by CVL in collaboration with design house Sylvain Willenz. The fitting, a sculptural work of art in and of itself, is inspired by the paintings and graphic language of the Belgian industrial designer. The luminaires, gathered along a single line are perfectly balanced, with inorganic and organic shapes to create a functional fitting with a surreal and dreamy expression.

The Calé(e) collection is also represented, with an IP rated wall light, from a collection encompassing pendant, floor and wall lights. A sophisticated fitting with a myriad of applications both residential and commercial. The collection designed by Parisian creative design studio duo Pool, offers a range of geometric patterns where the sense of imbalance forms simple linear forms.

Sii Light is also proud to display a selection of the Earth wall lights designed by Émilie Cathelineau, these sculptural light fittings are works of art in their own right, manufactured in their French factory in their favourite material brass. All feature an illuminated centre, assembled with an extremely fine openwork or fully covered piece of circular metal. The collection with its Art Deco style creates a patterned light source through various arrangements.


With these select fittings from CVL, Sii Light invites discerning architects and designers seeking out unique lighting solutions. To deliver to deliver a touch of elegance and sophistication that will set your designs apart.

For more information or to schedule a showroom visit, please reach out to Jordan Marshall at Sii Light, located at 149 Burswood Road. His expertise and knowledge of CVL’s products will ensure that you find the perfect lighting solution for your next design project.


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