Wanneroo Library

Wanneroo Library showcases the transformative potential of effective lighting in public spaces. The carefully devised design enriches the library's inviting ambience, fostering an environment ripe for community engagement and learning. As the new fit-out of the library contained mobile shelving, greater vertical illuminance and flexibility were required. This innovative approach to lighting design not only elevates the aesthetic allure but also enhances the functionality of the library space, thereby underscoring the expertise of V-Lambda in creating lighting solutions that complement and elevate community-centric spaces. Sii Light was uniquely involved in the creation of a customised fitting through Contessa Lighting, ensuring that the bespoke pendant fit seamlessly into the space combining technical performance and scale.

Project Name

Wanneroo Library

Lighting Designer

V-Lambda Lighting Design

Electrical Consultant



Johnathan Trask

Lighting Specialists Perth | Sii Light

IES WA Lighting Design Awards 2023 | Lighting Design Commendation and Product Innovation Award