McLaren Showroom

The McLaren Showroom is not just a display space but a testament to innovation and precision, central to its allure is the meticulously crafted lighting scheme, engineered to enhance every curve and contour of the McLaren fleet. From the sleek silhouette of the McLaren 720S to the raw power of the McLaren GT, every car is illuminated and enhanced by the light surrounding it. The LEDSC4 Atom spotlights, strategically positioned along the track, provide flexibility and versatility, allowing the lighting to adapt to different configurations and exhibitions in the space. Beyond aesthetics, the LEDSC4 lighting system also delivers exceptional energy efficiency and sustainability. With their low power consumption and long lifespan, the Atom spotlights not only enhance the visual appeal of the showroom but also contribute to its eco-friendly ethos.

LEDSC4 Sia downlights and wall washers, along with the Atom track spotlight illuminate and showcase these high-performance vehicles.


Trevor Walton, Startari and Roxby Architects


Glen Eagle Construction

Electrical Contractor

Solis Electrics


Johnathan Trask

Lighting Specialists Perth | Sii Light