Linton & Kay Galleries

Linton and Kay Gallery in Cottesloe is a vibrant and progressive gallery space in an arts led community at Curtin Heritage. The space, built and designed for purpose and recently opened was designed to give a platform to both emerging and established artists in the coastal suburbs of Perth. The project was a unique challenge that allowed us to showcase our expertise in creating bespoke lighting solutions. The gallery needed a sophisticated lighting system that could offer flexibility, excellent colour rendering, and energy efficiency. Our team collaborated closely with the gallery’s curators and designers to ensure that every piece of art is illuminated perfectly, creating a captivating visual experience for visitors with the adaptability to change conditions for every conceivable exhibition. For this project, we selected the advanced LEDSC4 Atom Track, Atom Zoom and LEDSC4 track systems, renowned for their superior performance, versatility, adaptability and sustainability features.