Commercial/ Industrial

At Sii LIGHT, we understand that commercial spaces demand specific lighting requirements and functionality. Our comprehensive commercial lighting portfolio is tailored to satisfy a range of commercial lighting requirements. We are dedicated to closely collaborating with commercial clients to design and create visually stunning and functional lighting solutions for any space. The types of spaces that we are known to work on include hospitality, retail, government, health, education, aged-care, recreation and sporting centres, and corporate office fit-outs.

The product selection criteria that we put forward will consider building codes and standards relevant to the application of the space, taking into consideration lighting requirements and light levels depending on the usage of the space. Our commercial range caters to a range of sectors that offer commercially viable options that include:


Bollards, Ceiling lights, Flood and spot lights, Highbays and lowbays, In-ground lights, Landscape and garden lights, Linear systems, Post lights, Wall lights

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