Sustainability at Frankfurt Light and Building Fair 2024

Mar 28, 2024

This year the Sii Light team travelled to Frankfurt for the Light and Building Fair, to connect with suppliers, manufacturers and industry colleagues and to engage with the latest lighting innovations on a global scale. In recent years, the focus on sustainability has intensified, and this year’s fair in Frankfurt has showcased remarkable advancements in eco-friendly solutions across all brands. 

Ecological, Economic and Social Sustainability at LEDSC4

At this year’s Frankfurt Light and Building Fair, LEDSC4 unveiled their latest line of products that not only reduce energy consumption but also prioritise durability and recyclability. The Sii Light team agrees that the new range of outdoor LED fixtures were a standout, now available in 2200K and Amber as standard to respect our environment and the surrounding flora and fauna. These fixtures boast cutting-edge technology that minimise light pollution while maximising illumination efficiency. By harnessing advanced optics and precise engineering, LEDSC4 has created lighting solutions that illuminate outdoor spaces effectively without causing unnecessary glare or wasted light. 

The fixtures are so perfectly suited to the Australian environment, that it’s almost as if they were made with us in mind. In addition to their technological innovations, LEDSC4 has also placed a strong emphasis on sustainable materials and manufacturing processes, earning them the much-hailed Eco Vadis certification. By utilising recycled materials and minimising waste throughout their production chain, LEDSC4 has significantly reduced their environmental footprint. Their commitment to product longevity ensures that their fixtures have a prolonged lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacements and further minimising waste.

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Smart, safe cities with Carandini

Carandini, another prominent presence at the Frankfurt Light and Building Fair, has also showcased a range of sustainable lighting solutions that consider not just our built environment but also the way in which we utilise the environment around us. One of Carandini’s standout offerings is their new line of street crossing fixtures that utilise advanced LED technology, sensors and smart lighting controls, allowing for precise management of lighting levels based on traffic patterns and time of day. This not only reduces energy waste but also enhances safety by ensuring optimal visibility for pedestrians and motorists.

With the ability to remotely monitor and adjust lighting settings, councils can achieve significant energy savings without compromising on public safety or comfort. These fixtures not only provide superior illumination for urban environments but also significantly reduce energy consumption compared to traditional lighting solutions. By optimising light distribution and minimising wasted light, Carandini’s LED streetlights offer councils a cost-effective and sustainable solution for their lighting needs.

The offerings from LEDSC4 and Carandini at this year’s Light and Building Fair exemplify the industry’s commitment to sustainability and innovation. By harnessing advanced technology, eco-friendly materials, and sustainable manufacturing processes, these brands have demonstrated that it is possible to create lighting solutions that are both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally responsible. As the world continues to prioritise sustainability, LEDSC4 and Carandini are leading the way towards a brighter and more sustainable future for all.

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