Seek specialist lighting advice fordesign application

Jul 15, 2016

When considering lighting any residential, commercial or urban space, the position and construction of lighting in that area must be given full consideration to achieve an ambient and functional atmosphere. Lighting design is an integral element of any new or existing building, adding to the overall landscape of a setting.

It is important when undertaking the lighting of a project that meetings with lighting specialists are incorporated into the schedule from the get go. Seeking advice in the design phase of any architectural plan allows the appropriate planning of illumination to take place, so it can be packaged into one cohesive concept. Things to consider include; the amount of light required, lighting calculations meet the desired levels of light and/or building codes, aesthetics, layout of the space and overall function of the space.

Specialist lighting advice can add-value to an architectural or landscape design, using new technology, working with well-known brands and suppliers, and utilizing creative techniques to modernise and illuminate. Up-to-date industry knowledge will allow consideration of modern illumination techniques that work with the natural lighting of a space in relation to the design and construction of each architectural area.

At HALO, we are committed to illuminating and enhancing spaces by utilising expertise, knowledge and innovative concepts to achieve the most effective and efficient client services. Our team are constantly up-skilling and staying abreast of contemporary trends and developments, working closely with both suppliers and clients to ensure that we offer the most value-added assistance and deliver preferred solutions.