Play late at Matagarup Mini Golf with Carandini’s Urbalite

May 13, 2024

Located on the banks of the Swan River, Matagarup Mini Golf stands as the inaugural gem in a lineup of entertainment enhancements planned along the Burswood foreshore. Positioned strategically within proximity to the bustling Cam field and under the shadow of Optus Stadium, this 18-hole mini-golf oasis offers an ideal setting for families and friends to gather in playful competiti on. With its extended operating hours, Matagarup Mini Golf invites players to play late, illuminated by the brilliance of Sii Light’s Carandini Urbalite fittings integrated throughout the course.

Matagarup Minigolf 2 1

These meticulously crafted fixtures, chosen by the electrical consultants at BCA and installed by RJ Electrics, with MG Group Builders, not only enhance visibility but also elevate the entire mini-golf experience to new heights, with their glare free, uniform and spill free light, ensuring that golfers can always keep their eye on the ball. The Urbalite fixture by Carandini was the optimum choice for this purpose, offering cutting-edge LED technology, in both single and twin mount options, with IP66 and IK09 protection against the elements on the river bank.

Matagarup Minigolf 2

Carandini’s Dynamic White: Lighting Evolution

Carandini’s Dynamic White technology represents a ground breaking advancement in lighting innovation, offering unparalleled flexibility and adaptability to meet the dynamic needs of various environments. Improving people’s quality of life and well-being in urban environments to guarantee that both the streets and people stay safe through providing responsive and adaptable lighting solutions. Dynamic White is a system that automatically adjusts the level of light emitted by a lighting fixture and its colour temperature to adapt to the exact time of night and level of traffic and is activated to be both project and application specific. The system works mixing the light from warm and neutral LEDs, so temperatures can be obtained ranging from a warm amber to a moderate 4000K, with different brightness levels.

Different Brightess Level

By seamlessly adjusting colour temperature and intensity, Dynamic White creates a dynamic spectrum of light that mimics the natural rhythm of daylight, from the soft , warm hues of sunrise to the crisp, cool tones of midday and the gentle, soothing glow of sunset. This transformative technology not only enhances visibility and visual comfort but also influences mood and perception, creating immersive experiences that captivate and inspire. The responsiveness of the lighting environment also protects our natural environment and creates energy efficient outdoor spaces, protecting our well-being, creating safe outdoor spaces, and considering sustainability and our environment.


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Our Story

Sii LIGHT works closely with some of Australia’s most reputable designers, architects and electrical engineers to illuminate a mix of residential, commercial and urban spaces. Driven by our passion for sourcing industry leaders in technology, design and efficiency, our aim is to reinvent, interpret, define and outline with light, bringing spaces to life in all three dimensions.

Our Recent Projects

At Sii LIGHT, we offer innovative, premium lighting solutions for residential, commercial, industrial, education, government, and urban environments. Click here to explore our most recent projects.

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Our Brands

We work with some of the best brands, including LEDS C4, Selux, Climar, Darklicht, Filix, Carandini and more.