Illuminating Landscapes

Aug 8, 2016

Exterior Landscapes


– designed by SELUX

Exterior lighting gives life to the night.  Urban, commercial and private spaces are all enhanced by integrating energy efficient general and ambient lighting with architecture and planning.  Here are a number of outdoor lighting options that have caught our eye as leaders in technology and design.

CYTANA Is a highly engineered inground up-light that is drivable and extremely durable. Driven by state of the art LED technology, CYNATA is made from aluminium and stainless steel and boasts IK10 and IP67 ratings. Easy maintenance is enabled via a bayonet lock. View the product specs here.

Led Rope Forward Throw (Submersible) By Tovo Lighting

Flexible and submersible, LED ROPE is a favourite of ours for illuminating exterior settings.  A clean and smart alternative to LED strip lighting, these are a go-to for affordable linear lighting. Ideal for creating continuous sculptural details in a range of surfaces, they are available as either front or side emitting, and encased in polyurethane, which provides an ambient diffusion of light. Each model is available in low and high output or RGB, and they maintain an IP68 rating.  Download the product specs for side emitting or front emitting.

Wall Light

-designed by SCHMITZ @HOME

The recently launched SCHMITZ@HOME collection offers a new range of residential focused lighting options by this highly technical lighting design house. WALL LIGHT is an up light or up and down light, available in matte white or silver grey. Driven by LED technology, WALL LIGHT has an IP54 rating, making it suitable for exterior settings and it delivers a 5 year warranty.Download the product specs here.


– designed by Emiliana Design Studio for Vibia

JUNE is the latest exterior collection launched by Vibia. This charming suspension, wall, table and post light series. Is driven by energy saving LED technology and offers a modern alternative to dressing and illuminating exterior settings.  Available in various configurations. Download the product specs here.

June Suspension Light

– designed by Emiliana Design Studio for Vibia

June Wall And Table Light

– designed by Emiliana Design Studio for Vibia


– designed by LEDSC4

A streamlined design is paired with maximum durability in MICENAS. Effectively blending into commercial or residential exterior facades, MICENAS utilizes energy saving LED technology with IP65 and IK10 ratings. Comfortable and effective illumination is enabled for walkways, public spaces, and urban areas. Download the product specs here.


– designed by Selux

Low profile, sustainable luminaires with exceptional quality and optimised lighting technology, DISCERA ensure visual comfort by utilizing state of the art freeform LED optics and high intensity discharge lamps. Available in three different sizes, they can be efficiently used in many applications from traffic routes to parks and amenity areas. View DISCERA here.