Nov 24, 2023

The 2023 IES ANZ Lighting Society awards night, held on 10th November 2023, recognises professionalism, ingenuity and originality in lighting design. At Sii Light, we are honoured to have partnered in lighting three of the nominated and awarded projects: Cape Mentelle, Karrinyup Shopping Centre Cubby, and Wanneroo Library. Each project reflects a unique blend of innovative design and precise functionality, embodying the essence of modern architectural lighting.

The event, proudly sponsored by both Sii Light and LEDS C4, and attended by the Head of Asia Pacific Sales for the brand Javier Alvarez, provided a myriad of entertainment, a forum for industry professionals to engage in meaningful discussions, exchange ideas, and draw inspiration from the showcased projects. Fostering a culture of innovation and excellence within lighting design, while also celebrating multiple successes with our team and our collaborators.

Cape Mentelle Winery

Congratulations to Klaasen Lighting Design for receiving the IES ANZ WA Award for Excellence in lighting design for their remarkable work at Cape Mentelle, illuminating the Cabernet Cellar at one of the ‘founding five’ wineries of the Margaret River region. The goal was to create a visually engaging atmosphere in the tasting room, addressing the glare and replacing the previous bright, uniform lighting.

Klaasen Lighting Design has created an atmosphere for tastings and functions, which can be easily controlled and customised. Now, with the integration of Casambi controls, the adaptive lighting offers flexibility for different events, aptly demonstrating how an intelligent lighting system can transform a space with minimal intervention. Klaasen Lighting Design worked closely with Jordan Marshall from Sii Light to program an array of illuminated scenes through the Casambi controls, which allows staff to easily adjust the lighting to the event.

The judges of the IES ANZ WA Award for Excellence commented on the delicate balance of task and ambient light, with a noteworthy rhythm of illumination on the barrels and a defining perimeter light. Transforming a once standard barrel room into a sophisticated space.

Credits include Martin Klaasen, Jordan Faust and Ingmar Klaasen of Klaasen Lighting Design, as well as Sii Light, lighting equipment and controls supplier.

Karrinyup Shopping Centre – Cubby House

Congratulations to Electrolight on their well-deserved Award of Commendation at the IES awards. The revitalisation of the Karrinyup Shopping Centre, which doubled its size, has transformed it into a modern hub of entertainment, retail, and dining in Perth. At the core of this transformation is The West Deck, a Town Square style plaza, centred on an alfresco kids playspace. The adept lighting design transitions the area from a bright, welcoming coastal shopping experience by day to a vibrant, spirited space by night.

With a brief to create an eye-catching yet high-functioning playspace, global design specialists Electrolight chose the versatile Neon Maxi RGBW LED Strip Lights, contracting Everett Smith to bring this vision to life. The shadowless and uniform light distribution, superior heat dissipation, and wide range of potential neon colours and lighting controls made this strip light a perfect fit. Sii Light engaged specialists, Illuminating Possibility, to program the lighting control and scenes for Electrolight, enabling this project to truly come to life.

When Electrolight received the Award of Commendation, the judges commented on the Cubby House being a true highlight of the transformation at Karrinyup Shopping Centre. They acknowledged the success in implementing a high level of innovation and execution to create a sense of visual interest and discovery. 

Credits include Horatio Burton (Project Leader) and Jess Perry (Project Director) of Electrolight, as well as Sii Light, lighting equipment and controls supplier. 

Wanneroo Library

Lastly, we extend our congratulations to both V-Lambda Lighting Design and Contessa Lighting on their Awards of Commendation for their work on the Wanneroo Library project. A project showcasing the transformative potential of effective lighting in public spaces. The carefully devised design enriches the library’s inviting ambience, fostering an environment ripe for community engagement and learning. As the new fit-out of the library contained mobile shelving, greater vertical illuminance and flexibility were required.

This innovative approach to lighting design not only elevates the aesthetic allure but also enhances the functionality of the library space, thereby underscoring the expertise of V-Lambda in creating lighting solutions that complement and elevate community-centric spaces. Sii Light was uniquely involved in the creation of a customised fitting through Contessa Lighting, ensuring that the bespoke pendant fit seamlessly into the space combining technical performance and scale.

Feedback from the judges when receiving the Award of Commendation included that the project has good uniformity and visual comfort with the use of direct and indirect lighting. The highly technical, sun-like pendant is visually pleasing and helps with way-finding, combining aesthetics, functionality and quality illumination. 

Credits include Paul Good and Clayton Meyer of V-Lambda Lighting Design, Audrie Scott (Project Manager) of the City of Wanneroo, Mark Winter of Sii Light, Decobu (Electrical Consultant), Kurt Davies and Hayden McGregor of Wanneroo Electrics.

Each project signifies a stride in leveraging lighting to augment architectural design, enhance functionality, and craft inviting spaces. The nominations and awards echo the collaborative spirit between Sii Light and the adept designers, whose innovative approach enriches the architectural lighting landscape.

Reflecting on the achievements of the awarded projects, we at Sii Light are inspired to continue providing top-tier lighting solutions. Our collaboration in these awarded projects reaffirms our commitment to delivering superior quality and innovative lighting solutions, contributing significantly to the architectural landscape.

We invite you to explore these projects further and the innovative lighting solutions provided by Sii Light. Your continued engagement and feedback are invaluable as we strive to contribute to the evolving realm of architectural lighting.

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