Eco-conscious hospitality at Hedland Hotel with LEDSC4

Jun 24, 2024

The Hedland Hotel, located approximately 1500km north of Perth, has undergone a major redevelopment to modernise its facilities and enhance sustainability. The project introduces contemporary designs, energy-efficient infrastructure, and innovative water and waste management systems. Blending historical charm with modern amenities, the renovated hotel aims to boost local tourism and community engagement while maintaining a strong commitment to environmental stewardship of the area.

Sustainability and efficiency

The Hedland Hotel shines bright thanks to Klaasen Lighting Design’s thoughtful approach and the installation of LEDSC4 lighting with Casambi controls. The interesting and challenging project needed to account for protecting the turtle breeding grounds on the nearby beach, while also supplying fittings that could survive the harsh Australian environment. For this project, Martin Klaasen selected the advanced LEDSC4 Rek Bollards, Max Spike Spots, Max Downlights, and Max Wall Lights, now available in amber as standard in the LEDSC4 range.  The project which uses amber temperature lighting throughout the external spaces, combined with controlled optics aimed low to the ground to minimise any direct sight to the light fixtures from the beach, considers the light production, spill lighting and light pollution to illuminate the outdoor dining, while also protecting our night skies and protecting our unique wildlife.

Innovative lighting solutions

The fittings paired with Casambi smart control technology, allow the lighting to be programmed according to time of the day, minimising unnecessary light waste – all of which makes The Hedland Hotel a leading example of best practice in environmentally-friendly lighting. The system, set up to turn on, dim throughout the day and then turn off again automatically at different times dependent on the area, allows staff members access to switches to manually set scenes for special events both indoors and externally. With each area automatically brightening during cleaning times and resetting to guest levels thereafter. Creating truly responsive smart lighting throughout.

Project: Hedland Hotel – Photo courtesy Martin Klaasen – Klaasen Lighting Design

LEDSC4 – Max Series

The LEDSC4 Max series of external fixtures is utilised throughout this project, bringing a design uniformity to the outdoor spaces while not sacrificing on style or function. This extensive collection, offering different applications and combinations, is designed to light new spaces in which indoor and outdoor are more connected than ever, sharing the same concept and architecture. With standard available colour temperatures of 2700K, 3000K, 4000K and 2200K ( Amber), there is definitely a option for all outdoor lighting applications.

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Photo courtesy LEDSC4 – Max wall lights, Max Downlights and Max Spike Spots

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