Art of Illumination: The Linton and Kay Gallery in Cottesloe

May 27, 2024

We are thrilled to announce our latest project, the lighting installation for the renowned Linton and Kay Gallery in Cottesloe at Curtin Heritage Living. As one of the longest serving commercial galleries in Western Australia, Linton and Kay Galleries was the obvious choice in the creation of a vibrant and progressive gallery space in an arts led community at Curtin Heritage. The space, built and designed for purpose and recently opened was designed to give a platform to both emerging and established artists in the coastal suburbs of Perth.

The Linton and Kay Gallery project was a unique challenge that allowed us to showcase our expertise in creating bespoke lighting solutions. The gallery needed a sophisticated lighting system that could offer flexibility, excellent colour rendering, and energy efficiency. Our team collaborated closely with the gallery’s curators and designers to ensure that every piece of art is illuminated perfectly, creating a captivating visual experience for visitors with the adaptability to change conditions for every conceivable exhibition.

Innovative lighting solutions

For this project, we selected the advanced LEDSC4 Atom Track, Atom Zoom and LEDSC4 track systems. These fixtures are renowned for their superior performance and sustainability features. The versatile LEDS C4 track system allow for seamless adjustments, enabling the gallery to reconfigure the lighting setup easily for various exhibitions. This adaptability ensures that the lighting can be tailored to the specific needs of each piece or exhibit, creating an optimal viewing experience for visitors. 


Spotlight on sculpture 

The track system has been coupled seamlessly with LEDSC4 Atom Track and Zoom spotlights, known for their high colour rendering index (CRI 95), these spotlights were strategically placed to enhance the colours and fine details of the artworks. The Atom spotlights are designed to provide precise and focused lighting, which is crucial for highlighting the intricate details and textures of the artworks on display. While the Atom Zoom offers the option to adjust the lens to an ultra-spot 7 degree aperture via manual zoom, a perfect and useful feature to emphasise depth perception on sculpture exhibits in the gallery space. 

Sustainability and efficiency

Sustainability was a key consideration in our design. The LED technology in LEDSC4 fixtures ensures minimal energy consumption while providing optimal illumination. The longevity of these fixtures reduces the need for frequent replacements and maintenance, aligning with modern sustainability standards and reducing the overall environmental impact.

Our goal was to create a lighting environment that not only supports the aesthetic goals of the gallery but also aligns with modern sustainability standards. The result is a beautifully lit gallery that showcases art in its best light, offering visitors an immersive and inspiring experience.

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