Advanced LED for Interior Spaces

Jun 30, 2016

We welcome in 2016 with a brand new selection of energy saving LED lighting designs that check all the boxes for performance, innovation and aesthetics. The design houses that we represent include Spain’s LEDS-C4, Portugal’s Climar and France’s Dix Heures Dix, and the new release items they are launching in 2016 have us excited for what this year will present. Follow @SiiLight on Instagram to stay updated on latest product releases.


– designed by Linea Light

Create impressive illuminations to embellish any interior space with MOONFLOWER. A newly released design by Italian powerhouse Linea Light. This modular lighting system is made from injected thermoplastic, and is driven by the latest LED RGB technology that enables users flexibility in design. Infinite lighting compositions and tones are possible by integrating the RGB technology with rotating magnetic panels that allow a variety of arrangements. A minimum of 4 panels are required to achieve a flower shape. Watch the video to learn more. 


– designed by Fabrice Berrux for Dix Heures Dix

Famous for utilizing pleated fabrics to create sculptural shades, French lighting designer Fabrice Berrux introduces us to an innovatively sculptural and ultra slim LED lamp series, IRIS. Available in suspension, floor and wall options that feature circular and oval shaped shades 3.5cm slim that are housed in a sleek black metal frame, IRIS has the power to illuminate and enhance commercial or residential interior spaces.

Bond Series

– designed by LEDS-C4

Developed to cater for the commercial lighting design industry, BOND SERIES utilizes technical LED capabilities mixed with concise product engineering to create a track and spot lighting system with 320 degree rotation. This lighting series is available in various sizes and with various capabilities including a model with up to CRI 90. To learn more download the product specs here.


– designed by LEDSC4

This sleek new family of outdoor floor lamps are the perfect addition to any exterior setting. Available in three varying heights, BARCINO has an IP65 rating and provides ambient light that is ideal for illuminating bars, restaurants, hotels or home. Download the product specs here.

Light Floors

– designed by Climar

Pushing the frontiers for integrated lighting, Climar have released LIGHT FLOORS. Driven by energy saving LED, LED RGB or fluorescent technology this new collection can be customized and allows spaces, people and objects to be illuminated from beneath. Designed to ‘inspire, attract and entertain’, LIGHT FLOORS are comprised of frosted tempered glass tiles that are capable of changing colour and creating unique variations of light. Climar suggest that illuminated floors are best suited to hotel lobbies, showrooms, retail stores, corporate lobbies, theatres, dance floors, and other elegant interior designs.