Lighting 101: Colour Temperature

-September 23, 2020

Perhaps the two most important factors when choosing a light source in your home is colour temperature and colour rendering. Colour temperature refers to the warmth or coolness of light and can have a great effect on how we perceive a space; too cool a light and the space feels clinical and cold, too warm and we may perceive the space as dirty as it creates deeper contrasts for the eye. The colour temperature of light is measured on The Kelvin Scale, in general the higher on the kelvin scale the whiter or bluer the light appears, the lower the number the more warm or yellow. Traditionally, warm lighting has been used in residential applications, as it is considered to create a cosy and restful atmosphere, however cool and neutral lighting options are becoming more popular especially in task driven areas of the home, such as bathrooms, garages and kitchens.

As important as colour temperature is, it must also be combined with the accurate rendering of colour, most often measured by the Colour Rendering Index (CRI). This is a method of measuring a light’s ability to illuminate different colours using a number from 0 -100, tested against 14 standard colours. Light sources that have a high CRI value will bring out details and subtleties in colours that they illuminate, this means that everything from skin tone to art will appear sharper and more vibrant, while low CRI values will make colours appear more dull and distorted.

It is important to consider your home design, colour palettes, finishes and use of various spaces before deciding upon the right colour temperature lights for your space. Sii LIGHT is here to provide lighting solutions and we invite you to discuss what this means for you with one of our specialists today.

Warm White

Warm White is the closest colour temperature to candlelight, it creates ambiance and mood in a room, creating a calmer and more relaxing atmosphere. Warm white lights are perfect for the living room and bedrooms of the home.



Cool White

Cool White lighting is best suited to areas which require bright, clear light such as the bathroom, garage, laundry and kitchen. In warmer climates, cool white lighting also has the ability to make spaces feel cool and modern.



Colour Rendering Index (CRI)

The Colour Rendering Index is an index used to measure a light’s ability to render colour on a spectrum, across 14 colours. The CRI of a light is particularly important because two lights with equal colour temperatures may differ in their ability to light colour brightly and efficiently. This is especially important to consider when lighting your home so that your fixtures, finishes, furniture and art can all be enjoyed and displayed in true to life vibrancy and colour.

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